Community Overview

 The Town of Saugus, MA  01906


The Town of Saugus is located adjacent to Route 1, a major north/south

thoroughfare. The highway is lined with some of New England's finest

restaurants. In addition, Square One, a closed-in shopping mall, is in the

construction stage and should provide the town with attractive retail

establishments for their shopping convenience.

By traveling a short distance from the highway, visitors can see that the

town still retains its rural characteristics. The two hundred year old

Town Hall and the historic Saugus Iron Works, both of which are on the

National Historic Register, are landmark tourist attractions. The Saugus

River, which meanders through the town provides an environmental habitat

for many species of fish as well as a home for the largest lobster fishing

fleet in Massachusetts.

September brings out the best of the town each year with its Founders Day

festivities. It's a time for townspeople to show off wares through

sidewalk bazaars and to celebrate the town's historic past through a series

of planned activities; an event that all who live here look forward to each


Because of the town's unique setting, that allows industry and business to

flourish, yet maintains a suburban style of living, Saugus has come to be

known as the most enterprising community north of Boston.